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Week of Compassion Grant

Shannon Grubbs, pastor at First Christian Church, Stephenville, TX, reports the congregation will be receiving a check from Week of Compassion for $400 to distribute to two families who suffered losses in the tornado on Tuesday, March 8.

Year Book Reports 

Would be great to have 100% of our congregations' Year Book reports submitted! The due date has passed, but we've got a couple of weeks for the Southwest Region office to review reports, so if you can get them in this month, your congregation can be included in the Year Book with current information.

  • 248 of 390 - 64% just 2 days after the due date. We have a two-week grace period, so if your congregation hasn't completed its report, there's still a chance to get it in! Here's the list of congregations submitted: by March 17, 2016, at 4:53 pm CDT

  • 190 of 390 - 49% with 5 days to go - see if your congregation has submitted: by March 10, 2016, at 9:00 pm CST

  • 146 of 390 - 37% with 12 days to go - see if your congregation has submitted (First Christian Church, Kerrville TX just reported as this link was being prepared!): by March 3, 2016, at 10:30 am CST

  • 121 of 390 - 31% with less than three weeks to go - see if your congregation has submitted: by February 25, 2016, at 5:37 pm CST

  • 90 of 390 - 23% by February 19, 2016



December 29 at 1:50pm: From Dr. Larry Ross, North Texas Area Minister: Today, on behalf of the NTA-Week of Compassion joint effort, I am getting SUBSTANTIAL relief checks to the 14 affected Disciples families who have lost homes to the tornadoes. Tears flow as people receive concrete evidence of the love and compassion the church has for them.

Already planning with Week of Compassion, looking forward to the long term recovery needs. Please continue to suggest gifts to the North Texas Area Relief Fund and/or Week of Compassion, and to operationbbqrelief.org which is feeding relief workers.

FCC Rowlett will be worshipping as 'church without walls' this Sunday. They hope to reopen for formal worship a week from Sunday.

And thanks to all those doing hands-on work at the Rowlett church this week! 

December 29 at 12:11pm: As the arduous task of clean-up following the Garland/Rowlett tornadoes begins, many in our churches are wanting to know what they can do to help. Of course, donations to Week of Compassion earmarked for tornado recovery are always an excellent option. For those who live in the D/FW area, and would like to give something more tangible, following is a list which has been shared by Jamie Plunkett, staff member of Northway CC, Dallas, and who has been heavily involved in the recovery effort:

~ rakes
~ large black trash bags
~ work gloves
~ blankets
~ water (by the case)
~ No. 10 cans of green beans & corn (industrial cans)
~ weather gear (ponchos, gloves, etc.)
~Clorox wipes
~ aluminum foil (industrial size)
~ hand/feet warmers
~ sandwich bread

Please, no donations of clothing! The church has already been inundated with clothing. Also, Jamie suggests that you coordinate with a local congregation to serve as a collection point to drop off items at specific times. At this time, Northway CC will definitely be a collection site, and there is a possibility of East Dallas Christian Church serving as one also. As soon as we receive more detailed information, we will share on this page and on our Regional website, ccsw.org.

Thank you to all who have responded already with donations, time, and prayers! This is truly "church being church."

December 27 at 4:31pm: FCC Rowlett, even though their facility has suffered damage, will be the host site for Operation BBQ Relief on one side of their parking lot, and the big Tide semi on the other side. Thank you for this ministry to your neighbors in need, while recovering from your own damage!

December 27 at 4:26pm: From Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins, our General Minister and President: Prayers for those suffering loss in the wake of storms. Grateful for Disciples churches – some even with their own damage – serving neighbors in need – and for neighbors helping each other. Grateful for Disciples immediate response through Week of Compassion – and for area and regional ministers keeping everyone connected. Prayers for strength and courage and, in the moments when those run out, a sense of God’s embrace.

December 27 at 10:29am: Update on North Texas tornadoes: We have now learned that Cedar Grove Christian Church in Rockwall suffered damage as well, and several of their members have lost their homes. In addition to Week of Compassion, the North Texas Area has a disaster relief fund, which will be drawn upon heavily. If you would like to donate to the NTA fund, please contact Rev. Dr. Larry Ross, Area Minister.

December 27 at 10:04am: Mission West churches are facing cold wind, snow and blizzard conditions today. North Texas churches are waking up after a night of tornados. Please stay safe, pray for one another. If there are emergency needs that Week of Compassion could assist with, please be in touch with your Area or Regional Ministers.

December 27 at 9:52am: Thank you to Sabrina Porter for sharing the following post, which includes helpful information for those whose homes may have been damaged/destroyed by the tornadoes. And, remember we can always make donations to Week of Compassion to help make a difference!

From a lady on the Rowlett, TX FB page - wanted to share since I have seen at least 10 people I know from hs that completely lost their houses!😭

So many people are asking what they should do now and I know that it is hard to think with a clear mind right now so hopefully this will help. I am from Joplin, Missouri. In 2011 an EF5 destroyed most of my hometown. I just moved to the area in July. Tomorrow you need to call and cancel all credit cards or banking documents that could have been strewn from your home. Sometime within the week you need to put fraud alerts on your credit. You can do this by contacting the credit agencies and putting a password on your social security number.

Then you need to call and put in claims with your home insurance and car insurance. Both of those companies will likely have representatives stationed in the area within days to help residents, but having a claim in will get you top priority.

Then you need to go to the Red Cross station and notify them. They will help you with food, supplies and get working on temporary shelter. If it's declared a federal disaster area, FEMA will help you pay rent at a new place and probably bring in trailers for people to live in while their homes get repaired. They are not glamorous by a long shot, but they are a place to rest your head. They come fully furnished. A lot of people purchased RV's and sat them on their property while they were rebuilding. Many insurance companies will pay for hotels and rent while rebuilding. 

After you put in claims everywhere, you need to gather close friends and family to help you go through all of your belongings. It's going to be hard to salvage much because of the rain, but there will be lots of volunteer restoration companies that will work with you to restore old photos and things of importance that you cannot get back.

After all of the important things are collected, have volunteers start making piles of trash in your yard. In Joplin, all of the debris had to be separated by type. For example: wood, furniture, metals. And trucks came by to pick it up. People will come help! Make sure everyone wears gloves and has plenty of water.

Once you are ready to rebuild you need to check, double, check, and triple check that you have a reliable contractor. There will be lots of scammers trying to take your money. Don't fall victim. 

Most importantly. Keep your head up. Don't be afraid to cry, but know that you will have a community full of help supporting you through this. Don't be afraid to ask for help because you will need it! And people want to give it! Remember there is hope. It's hard to see it right now, but I promise there is! Things can be replaced, your life cannot be. <hugs> I know it's hard, but get some rest tonight.

Volunteers: Everyone has been saying wait until tomorrow to start helping. Even tomorrow you will more than likely not be allowed to the area unless you are accompanied by family. Residents need to be able to get their personal belongings that are salvageable out first and will only need friends and family for that. However. They will need food, water, boxes, bags, gloves, masks, eye protection and boots. Your best bet is to donate these items to shelters and any place setup to help victims, Red Cross, churches. They will be overwhelmed by clothing donations, so it is typically best to wait on donating those. Gift cards are better. People will want fresh undergarments. Baby items such as formula, bottles, and diapers will be needed. Animal shelters will need food and volunteers to walk animals. Probably by Monday they will be ready to start letting people into the destruction area to help, but be careful because some insurance companies require they look at the structure before any changes are made to the property. 

December 26 at 9:17pm: Many of you may be hearing about the severe weather in the north Texas area. We have already heard reports of our church in Rowlett suffering some minor damage, and some of our church members having damage to their homes. If you have information to share, please post here. And we will update as we receive information. Week of Compassion is standing by to offer assistance if and when it is needed. Many prayers for those in harm's way. 

Comment by Larry Ross, North Texas Area Minister, December 27 at 10:59pm: Week of Compassion has already reached out and is sending Caroline to work with me in assessing and responding to the damage...


Advent 2015 Devotionals: PDF

August 28, 2015

 Dear Colleagues in Ministry,

Few of us will ever forget the horror of the murder of nine church members in Bible study - in church. Nine African American faithful, including pastors and laypersons, had welcomed the white stranger into their midst at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. But he was intent on death. Leaders in the African Methodist Episcopal Church are determined to re-write the significance of this heinous act, and make it the moment that the church leads the United States into a genuine commitment to end racism - not just the direct, individual racism that causes one person to pick up a gun, but the broad systemic racism that nurtures such a motivation in the first place.

Our brothers and sisters in the African Methodist Episcopal Church have called all Christians to participate in a "Confession, Repentance and Commitment to End Racism" Sunday, to be observed on Sept. 6. We write to encourage all Disciples to accompany our ecumenical partners in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the National Council of Churches and Churches Uniting in Christ, among others, in recognizing this moment to come together as God's children.

We urge Disciples in the U.S. and Canada to participate - if not on Sept. 6, then within the next four weeks. This emphasis is at the heart of our striving to be a pro-reconciling, anti-racist Church. The matter is of particular urgency in the United States in the wake of the June shootings in Charleston and the many other examples of racially-motivated violence from the Midwestern heartland to the coasts.

Worship materials have been compiled by both the AME and  ELCA which may be used for your preparation. In particular please see the litany by Bishop Adam J. Richardson, Jr., "After the Vigils, Vigilance!" These materials are available on the  Reconciliation Ministry website. In addition, you will find conversation-guides and other resources there which will useful for ongoing engagement in the struggle against the insidious nature of racism.

One Sunday is a place to begin. Our ecumenical family is calling us to join them on a difficult journey. We are not alone. Jesus accompanies us as we reach out to bridge the divides between us. This, too, is part of being a movement for wholeness. Let us go forward together.

In Christ,

 Timothy M. James, Associate General Minister and Administrative Secretary, National Convocation
April Johnson, Reconciliation Minister
Sharon E. Watkins, General Minister and President
Robert W. Welsh, President, Council on Christian Unity


CCSW Annual Fund: become an inaugural donor to the CCSW Annual Fund. Your contribution goes directly to support the ministry Disciples share from the Red River to the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and from Albuquerque to the Piney Woods of East Texas. 

Ministers Standing Form - to be in Southwest Region office as soon as possible. 

New Year's Letter from General Minister and President Sharon Watkins

New Tax Rules for Health Care Reimbursement


Resources for Conversations around Race and Systemic Injustice

11/26/2014 Emotions are raw in the wake of the Ferguson grand jury decision involving the death of Michael Brown. People feel unheard, threatened and confused.

As we seek to be a movement for wholeness in a broken and fragmented world, our call is to open our churches as places of dialogue and action. Our challenge is to open our hearts to a difficult conversation around race and systemic injustice.

To assist your congregation in this conversation, resources have been assembled. Click here for additional links to resources and statements from Reconciliation Ministries, National Convocation, our General Minister and President, the National Council of Churches, Churches Uniting in Christ, and others.

Cherilyn Williams, APR
Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications
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We are Disciples of Christ, a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.
As part of the one Body of Christ, we welcome all to the Lord’s Table as God has welcomed us.

– Disciples Identity Statement


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