CCSW Request for Renewal of Standing Form for Ordained Ministers: 2018 now available

All Ordained Ministers in the Christian Church in the Southwest, including retired clergy, should complete theRequest for Renewal of Standing Form annually by December, so the forms can be reviewed and standing cards issued by the end of February. You may use the online link - or contact the Regional office at 817-926-4687 or for assistance.

The following documents are referenced in the Request for Renewal of Standing; if you need to review these documents, the links are provided for PDFs of each. 

  • Ministerial Code of Ethics of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ): English, Spanish, Korean

  • CCSW Clergy Sexual Misconduct Policy, adopted Jan 2006: English or Spanish

  • Theological Foundations and Policies and Criteria for the Ordering of Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ): English, Spanish, French, Korean

If you know of any minister who needs to receive a copy through U.S. mail, have them call 817-926-4687 so we can mail them a copy or arrange to take their information over the phone. 


Healthy Boundaries for Clergy Training

Listed below are locations offering Healthy Boundaries Training for 2018 and early 2019. To be certified for standing, the CCSW requires this course to be taken every five years by all clergy, commissioned and ordained, active or retired from a CCSW-approved provider. A retired-inactive minister may obtain a waiver to this requirement if: (1) there are health-related issues, or (2) a retired person who is not participating in any kind of ministerial functions. All requests for an exemption should be directed to Zena McAdams, Interim Regional Executive at or 817-926-4687.

In order to maintain standing in 2019, ministers need to check the status of their boundaries training with the regional office and, if needed, register for a course. Clergy who have not had boundaries training since December 31, 2012, must complete training by February 28, 2019, for renewal of standing next year.

CCSW approves the boundaries training program offered by our partners: Brite Divinity School, Hispanic Institute and the FaithTrust Institute.

2018-2019 Trainings:

  • English: September 8 (Saturday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm) - at First Christian Church in Pasadena – online registration or call the Regional office at 817-926-4687

  • English: September 17 (Monday) - at Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth – online registration or call 817-257-7582 or email

  • English: September 29 (Saturday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm) - at Northway Christian Church in Dallas – online registration or call the Regional office at 817-926-4687

  • English: September 29 (Saturday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm) - at First Christian Church in Midland – online registration or call the Regional office at 817-926-4687

  • English: October 13 (Saturday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm) - at First Christian Church in Canyon – online registration or call the Regional office at 817-926-4687

  • Spanish: November 2 (Friday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm) - at Central Christian Church in Austin – online registration or call the Regional office at 817-926-4687

  • English: November 2 (Friday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm) - at Central Christian Church in Austin – online registration or call the Regional office at 817-926-4687

  • English: February 4 (Monday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm) - at University Christian Church in Fort Worth – online registration (link coming soon) or call the Regional office at 817-926-4687

  • English: [date to be determined] (Saturday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm) - at El Paso-Las Cruces vicinity – online registration (link coming soon) or call the Regional office at 817-926-4687

As other trainings are scheduled, we will post them here, and list in the email news. Join the CCSW Mailing List to be sure you get the latest updates. 

List of Events as of 2/6/2018

Ministers, let us know of updates in phone, email, address or change of calling

The only way we can get news to you, is if you make sure we have your current contact information. If you have changed contact info since you completed your standing form, please use this link to give us your update. It comes right to our email (and a copy with our thanks goes back to you!), so we get your information right away!

Congregational Year Book Reports due annually (March 15, 2018) - but tracking membership stats can be a year-round activity - report forms to be mailed by the end of January 2018

Annual Year Books reports need to be complete each year; this is part of the process of maintaining your congregation's exemption status through its affiliation with the General Church. You will need your year-end financial information to complete some of the questions (count on your treasurer or financial person to get the local operating receipts, local capital receipts and total outreach giving) and some statistical information about worship attendance and membership for other questions (this could be collected by volunteers in the congregation). It helps to track worship and education attendance throughout the year, so if you don't do that regularly, you might start now for next year's report! It generally takes a few people to gather all the information you need (financial and membership), so start now, then give it to the one person who can take a few minutes to log into the online report and submit it in late January or February before it gets forgotten. Here are the seven questions that have typically been asked on past reports about numbers in membership: total membership, participating members, baptisms, transfers added, average worship attendance, attendance in Christian education programs and Christian Women's Fellowship/Disciples Women's Ministries members.

The Southwest Region will mail a postcard in late January with your Church PIN and Serial Number so that you can log into the online form at to complete the report; contact the Regional office (at 817-926-4687 or or your Area office if the postcard doesn't reach the person who needs that information to get your PIN (this stays the same each year) and Serial Number (this changes each year). Contact the Southwest Region office at 817-926-4687 or if you have questions or need assistance with this process, or if you need a PDF of the form emailed or a paper copy mailed to your congregation to use instead. Or, call in your answers to the 10 questions to the Regional Office in February. 

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Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) website with links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube 

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Disciples Mission Fund website for Special Day offering materials or online reporting  

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Online Store for Ministerial Code of Ethics (Frameable in English, Spanish, French or Korean), Congregational Code of Ethics and other items: online


REFERENCE MATERIALS ("Those Things You've Seen Before But Not Sure Where!")

Design of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Southwest

Commissioned Minister Process: CCSW Application Process

Commissioned Minister Documentation: Application and Forms


CCSW Clergy Sexual Misconduct Prevention Policy, adopted Jan 2006: online

CCSW Educational Program for the Commissioned Ministry, adopted Feb 2013: online


Search and Call Downloadable Resources in Spanish, English, French and Korean: online


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