Healthy Boundaries for Clergy Training

Listed below are locations offering Healthy Boundaries Training for 2018 and early 2019. To be certified for standing, the CCSW requires this course to be taken every five years by all clergy, commissioned and ordained, active or retired from a CCSW-approved provider. A retired-inactive minister may obtain a waiver to this requirement if: (1) there are health-related issues, or (2) a retired person who is not participating in any kind of ministerial functions. All requests for an exemption should be directed to Zena McAdams, Interim Regional Executive at or 817-926-4687.

In order to maintain standing in 2019, ministers need to check the status of their boundaries training with the regional office and, if needed, register for a course. Clergy who have not had boundaries training since December 31, 2012, must complete training by February 28, 2019, for renewal of standing next year.

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CCSW approves the boundaries training program offered by our partners: Brite Divinity School, Hispanic Institute and the FaithTrust Institute.

2018-2019 Trainings: (Generally, any particular session may be cancelled if less than five register, so please call or register online.)

As other trainings are scheduled, we will post them here, and list in the email news. Join the CCSW Mailing List to be sure you get the latest updates. 

Event Planning and Promotion

Does your church or ministry have an exciting event you would like to promote? The SouthWest Region has many ways for publicizing your event:

-Monthly Newsletter email to CCSW recipients
-CCSW Facebook page
-More ways are currently being developed

Before your event can be shared on any of these Regional platforms, your must complete the following process:

STEP 1: Complete the online Event Planning and Promotions form


This form helps us to be sure we have all the correct materials in place to make promoting and marketing your event as effective as possible. If you don’t have some of the information needed please fill it out to your best ability and put “N/A” or “Unsure” in the spots that you are unsure about. Nathaniel Cook, our Communications Director, will reach out to you 24 - 48 hrs after you have completed the form to talk with you about the communications strategy and gather a clear understanding of what support you will need from the Region.

STEP 2: Regional Executive Staff Approval

All events must be approved by the Regional Executive Staff. This process automatically starts once you submit your completed form. Please note that the Regional Office exercises sole discretion regarding which events are approved and promoted.

Step 3: Approved

Once your event has been approved, it will automatically be added to the online Regional Event Calendar, and will be promoted based on the communications and marketing strategy you and the communications director agreed upon.

If you have any questions about the above process or would like to talk with our communications Director about promoting an event please contact

Nathaniel Cook via email at:


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