Ordained Clergy

Below you will find information important to all ordained clergy- healthy boundaries trainings, educational events, clergy events, and more!



CCSW Request for Renewal of Standing Form for Ordained Ministers: 2019 now available

All Ordained Ministers in the Christian Church in the Southwest, including retired clergy, should complete the Request for Renewal of Standing Form annually by December, so the forms can be reviewed and standing cards issued in February. You may use the online link - or contact the Regional office at 817-926-4687 or ccsw@ccsw.org for assistance.

The following documents are referenced in the Request for Renewal of Standing; if you need to review these documents, the links are provided for PDFs of each. 

  • Ministerial Code of Ethics of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ): English, Spanish, Korean

  • CCSW Clergy Sexual Misconduct Policy, adopted Jan 2006: English or Spanish

  • Theological Foundations and Policies and Criteria for the Ordering of Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ): English, Spanish, French, Korean

If you know of any minister who needs to receive a copy through U.S. mail, have them call 817-926-4687 so we can mail them a copy or arrange to take their information over the phone. 


Healthy Boundaries for Clergy Training

To be certified for standing, the CCSW requires this course to be taken every five years by all clergy, commissioned and ordained, active or retired from a CCSW-approved provider. A retired-inactive minister may obtain a waiver to this requirement if: (1) there are health-related issues, or (2) a retired person who is not participating in any kind of ministerial functions. All requests for an exemption should be directed to Zena McAdams, Interim Regional Executive at zmcadams@ccsw.org or 817-926-4687.

In order to maintain standing in 2019, ministers need to check the status of their boundaries training with the regional office and, if needed, register for a course. Clergy who have not had boundaries training since December 31, 2012, must complete training by February 28, 2019, for renewal of standing next year.

Upcoming Trainings: Please go to the Regional Events Page for more information