Recap of 2018 Regional Assembly

Dear Region,

The 2018 Regional Assembly for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Southwest was a huge success!  We had two extraordinary worship services each with an outstanding preacher doing even more amazing work in their contexts.  Rev. Feliberto Pereira of Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries and Rev. Caroline Hamilton Arnold of Week of Compassion brought messages filled with faithful reflection and passionate commitment.  The weekend was filled with valuable educational opportunities.   And the weekend was historic in the passages of resolutions that affirm the work and direction of restructure!  Thanks be to God.

There are more people to thank than we can possible do in one setting.  Central Christian Church in Austin, Texas, was an exceptional host.  We are especially grateful for the hours of coordination contributed by Heidi Bounds, Executive Minister.   Assembly could not have happened without her.   They welcomed us with open arms.  They made sacrificial improvements to their technological capacity so that we could have adequate internet service and projection technology.  They fed us better than we could have possibly asked for.  The membership and staff of this historic church deserve the thanks of the entire region. 

I am incredibly grateful for the work of the Regional and Area staff.  They provided logistical help with registration, credentialing, hosting, educating and giving compassionate pastoral care to the participants.  I am grateful to all those who answered the “all hands on deck” call from the Region.  We were blessed by the volunteer support from Pat Carpenter and Matt Waight—two individuals who devoted time in our offices leading up to Regional Assembly and helped us compile the docket.  Leaders from the Disciples Women’s Ministries in the Christian Church in the Southwest provided invaluable ground support while in Austin.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

These past two years, the Region has been blessed by the steady, confident and bold leadership of Jeff Billings, Brian Gibson, Whitney Waller-Cole, and Megan Ammann Peglar as well as a host of leaders who serve on Regional Council.  They have done much of the heavy lifting of the restructure proposals.  We are also grateful that Whitney Waller-Cole, Ray Morgan, Andy Brink and Megan Ammann Peglar have stepped up to say yes to the request for service.

The participants who came were energetic, enthusiastic, patient and thoughtful.  The participation in workshops was solid.  The questions asked during business meeting reflected an attention to detail and a willingness to collaborate.  This truly is the best Region!

Finally, and most importantly, we give thanks to God.  God’s grace sustains us and all that we do.  Our mission as a Region says, “In response to God’s call in Jesus Christ ‘to become the Gospel, to share the Gospel and to serve in mission from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth,’ the mission of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Southwest is to be a source of vision, nurture, wholeness and mutual accountability in order to serve and to strengthen congregations.” The first two words are important—in response.  May all that we do and say as Christians, congregations, ministries, and as a region reflect our gratitude to God for the great things God has done for us. 

It is my joy to serve as your Regional Minister.  

In Christ,


Andy Mangum
CCSW Regional Minister

State of the Region 2018

You might check our Facebook page for photos, videos of worship and the business meeting, and comments or photos shared by attendees. We enjoyed renewing friendships, making new connections and missed seeing those who could not attend. The five resolutions in the business meeting were adopted, so you may wish to review the docket to learn more about those.

Regional Assembly Docket and Agenda

Friday-Saturday, November 2-3, at Central Christian Church, Austin, Texas.

Congregational Mailing: October 16, 2018

The following items were included in a paper copy mailing to congregations. If you prefer to view the PDFs, you may find them here.

Also included in the mailing was a flyer from Brite Divinity School of Upcoming Events/Stalcup School of Theology for the Laity and a tri-fold brochure entitled “Flourishing in Ministry.”