Seeking a Pastor


Your congregation is about to depart on a great faith adventure.

When your pastor leaves, either through resignation or retirement, these are the steps we recommend for the congregation to follow to call a new pastor.

  • Notify the Southwest Regional Minister (817-926-4687 or or your Area Minister of the Upcoming Ministry Change

  • Celebrate the Completion of a Ministry

  • Call a Transitional Pastor

  • Appoint a Search Committee

  • Start the Process of Search & Call

  • Select a Candidate

  • Make a Call

  • Prepare for the New Minister

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Southwest hopes that when you complete your work at least three things will have been accomplished:

  1. You are excited about the person the committee has recommended to the board and congregation, and you believe God was a part of the call,

  2. You have gotten to know and appreciate your colleagues better, and

  3. You have found that this has been a positive spiritual experience.

Resources for these steps are listed in next column and can be downloaded as PDFs. 



Three Phases of the Search and Call Process.jpg