Staff and Leadership


Executive Staff


Rev. Dr. Andy Mangum
Regional Minister & President EMAIL:

Rev. Dr. Zena McAdams
Interim-Regional Executive EMAIL:

Rev. Christy Dreschel
Regional Executive EMAIL:


Community and Connection Regional Ministers


Christine Chenoweth Community Regional Minister for Fort Worth & Surrounding Area EMAIL:

Peggy Edge Community Regional Minister for Adult Ministries & Leadership Development EMAIL:

Kim Fields-Haley Interim Regional Connection Minister for New Mexico, El Paso and West Texas EMAIL:

Christal Fisher Interim Regional Connection Minister for South Central Texas EMAIL:

David Hargrave Interim Regional Connection Minister for East Texas EMAIL:

Heather Reed Interim Regional Connection Minister for West and Central Texas EMAIL:

Larry Ross North Texas Area Minister EMAIL:


Support Staff


Bonnie Schuler
Regional Registrar EMAIL:

Nathaniel Cook
Communications Director EMAIL:

Christal Dover
Logistics and Hospitality EMAIL:

Anna Facundo
Bilingual Assistant Regional Registrar EMAIL:


Regional Council

Regional Council is made up of voting and non-voting members from across the Region.


Executive Committee (voting):

Rev. Whitney Waller-Cole

Andy Brink

Rev. Ammann Peglar

Ray Morgan

Members Elected- Appointed from across the region (voting):

Brett Coe
First CC, Kerrville TX, Clergy

Vance McIntosh Community Hills CC, San Angelo TX, Clergy

Michael Dunn First CC, Houston TX, Clergy

Randy Cook Community CC, Lubbock TX, Clergy

Rodney L. (Rod) Hendrix First CC, San Benito TX, Clergy

Gary Speer First CC, Allen TX, Clergy retired

Phillip Dukes Crestview CC, Greenville TX, Clergy

Wayne Hammar Monte Vista CC, Albuquerque NM, Clergy

Kristin Harman Rush Creek Christian Church, Arlington TX, Laity

Representatives from Constituency Groups (voting):

Jim Goodwin: (Disciples Men) First CC, Iowa Park TX, Laity

Candace Martin Sheppard: (Disciples Women's Ministries) Central CC, Hillsboro TX, Laity

Taylor Fulk Howell: (Regional Youth Ministry Committee 2018-2019) University CC, Fort Worth, Laity

Will Moore (Texas Christian Missionary Fellowship)

Roberto Elizarrarás (Southwest Hispanic Convention) IC Biblica Eben-Ezer, Dallas TX, Clergy

Chair of Standing Committee (voting):

Mike Hunter (Regional Committee on the Ministry) First CC, Midland TX, Clergy

Member of General Board Elected by Regional Assembly (voting):

Judith Allen Dalton (General Board) First CC, Pasadena TX, Clergy

Representative of the South Central Conference of the United Church of Christ (voting):                        

(UCC Representative) Vacant position  

ex-officio (without vote):

Nathan Higginbotham (CCSW Disciples Men Director) Cypress Creek CC, Spring TX, Laity

Representatives from Member Institutions (without vote):

Angela Kaufman (Texas Christian University) TCU, Fort Worth TX, Clergy

D. Newell Williams (Brite Divinity School) University CC, Fort Worth TX, Clergy

(Jarvis Christian College) Vacant Position

Nicole Gann (Fowler Communities) Juliette Fowler Communities, President/CEO, Laity

Sara Beckham (Fowler Communities) Juliette Fowler Communities, Chaplain

Linda Garcia (Inman Christian Center) Hill Country CC, Spring Branch TX, Laity

Hector Velazquez (Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries)

F. Feliberto Pereira (Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries) Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer, Los Fresnos TX, Clergy