Here are some helpful resources for church office staff. Some of this may be basic information, but for the one who has never seen it, it might save hours of work!


Editing JPGs and photos: - the free version lets you do basic cropping and some additional features helpful for quick production of flyers and promotional pieces

Finding or confirming addresses or phone numbers or doing a reverse look up: or or - basic info is helpful when a guest signs in and you can't read some vital information; sometimes the info is online! (Lately, these sites seem to be asking for payment, so if anyone has a good site for verifying address or phone info, please let us know.)

Confirming or finding a ZIP code: - helpful when handwriting is difficult to read, or you are pretty sure someone has listed an incorrect ZIP for a particular city or area.


Current forms from the IRS: start with website, then look for Forms needed (updated W-4 or W-9, for example)

2017 Standard Mileage Rates: news release IR-2016-169, Dec. 13, 2016 (When this changes, if you notice that we don't have this updated, we'd appreciate you letting us know; send an email to to put in the new link!)

Treasurer's Handbook provided by Disciples Mission Fund: link

Financial Resources from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) from a variety of sources: link

IRS Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations (benefits and responsibilities under the federal tax law): link

Church Risk (offered for C&MA churches, but has lots of good basic information for all churches): link


Send other helpful links or information to Bonnie Schuler at - share those wonderful tips that make your work life easier!