Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Southwest


For release on:  10/30/2012

The Transformation Commission was created by representatives from each Area, alongside a representative of  Texas Christian Missionary Fellowship & the Southwest Hispanic Convencion and a representative of our partner institutions, our Area Ministers, our Regional Minister and is chaired by our Regional Moderator, Chad Cline.    Those serving on the Transformation Commission are:   Raumone Burton, Coastal Plains Area;  Peggy Edge, Bluebonnet Area; Barry Green, Northeast Area; Ruby Henry, Texas Christian Missionary Fellowship; Karakay  Kovaly, Hi-Plains Area;  Laurie Lewis, Tres Rios Area;  Les Massey, North Texas Area;  Serbando Peralez, Southwest Hispanic Convencion; Tom Plumbley, Trinity Brazos Area;  Ana Wilson, Central Area;  Newell Williams, Brite Divinity School;   Chuck Fisher, Area Ministers;  Chad Cline, Regional Moderator;  Dani Cartwright, Regional Minister

Here is an INFORMATION STATEMENT from their first face-to-face meeting:

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Southwest is mapping a journey toward a new form of ministry better suited to achieve the church’s mission in the 21st century.  The Transformation Commission is considering organizational change that reflects the synergy that is happening among Areas within our Region. We envision movement from our smaller current area ministries into larger mission fields accompanied by continuing openness and shared ministry. We also envision a common mission board that will resource and guide the common work of the mission fields.

This common mission will continue to:

-         Revitalize ministry in sharing best practices, congregational conflict resolution, and leadership development

-        Share ministry with the Southwest Hispanic Convencion & the Texas Christian Missionary Fellowship

-        Support mission at Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries and Inman Christian Center

-        Facilitate a robust camping program and nurture of youth.

-         Activate New Churches across the Region

-        Revitalize ministry in sharing best practices, congregational conflict resolution, and leadership development

-         Support, care and nurture clergy including Search and Call, credentialing and education

-         Plan Reunions & encourage networking and relationship-building

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