Congregational Year Book Reports due annually (usually by March 15) - but tracking membership stats can be a year-round activity - report forms to be mailed by the end of January 2019

Annual Year Books reports need to be complete each year; this is part of the process of maintaining your congregation's exemption status through its affiliation with the General Church.

  • You will need your year-end financial information to complete some of the questions (count on your treasurer or financial person to get the local operating receipts, local capital receipts and total outreach giving) and some statistical information about worship attendance and membership for other questions (this could be collected by volunteers in the congregation).

  • It helps to track worship and education attendance throughout the year, so if you don't do that regularly, you might start now for next year's report! 

  • It generally takes a few people to gather all the information you need (financial and membership), so start now, then give it to the one person who can take a few minutes to log into the online report and submit it in late January or February.

  • Go to for PDF of instructions (english, spanish, korean, french) and the link to the online form or a pdf of the form. You will need your church pin; it can be found at page.

contact the Regional office (at 817-926-4687 or if you have questions or need assistance with this process, or to call in your answers to the 10 questions to the Regional Office in February.